Control questions
1. Digestive Diseases of the members of the tactics of the overall Examination of patients with nursert?
2. The members of the Digestive Disease in patients with clinical signs?
3. The tactics of the Superficial and deep palpation of the abdomen nursert?
4. The tactics of the liver and Gall bladder palpation nursert?
5. Digestive system diseases laboratory Investigations?
The members of the general examination of patients with diseases of digestion nurses tactics?
6. The preparation of the gall bladder and radiographic examination of the patient nurses takatikasi?
7. In case of conduct guidelines?
8. Digestive system diseases’ve been instrumental methods of investigation conducted?
9 Patients with urinary system diseases instrumental research methods?
11. Urinary system disease in patients with laboratory research methods?
12. The investigation of renal nurse’s tactics?
13 The nurse allowed only in accordance with what the diagnosis?
14. What is the assessment of the condition of the patient nurse examined?

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