Materialis were constructed: Scientific center of Republic of Emergency .
Key word: open fracture, the first aid until hospital immobilization of transport, tire of transport.
Introduction .The fracture of chibouk bones very dangerous for the children skeleton.
it is necessary to organized the first aid as may as possible. There are two parts of urgent care.
The first aid until hospital and next aid in the hospital. The aid until hospital includes to put aseptic bandage.
The aim is to stop bleeding temporary and to prevent injection .To organize transport immobilization ,anesthetic and reanimatical works.To deliver a child who is injured to hospital sooner and to care necessary aid on time.
Materials and methods. Between 2012 and 2014 years 124 children were treated in traumatology department.37 children in 2012 , 50 children in 2013 , 47 children in 2014 . 83 children’s shoulder bones open fractured , shoulder 8 ,shin 42 , thigh 1. Different accident and to fall down will be case for open fracture, occasional railway accidents.
Results. IT’s need to emphasize retrospective analysis, the most of children 83% here brought by plane, only 22 children 17% were brought by emergency car. Transport immobilization were organized for 29 children `24% The bunches were put for 37 children. The injured children were delivered to intensive therapy .Another inflaming disease were observed in 26 children and other closed fractured were observed 19% of children. Abdominal infuses were observed among 5 children.If there is not transport immobilization it is imposable to recover quickly from supplementary injures .Reposition was organized among 11 children in case no transport immobilization. It was necessary to do gem transfusion therapy among 6 children in case no aseptic bunches .
Conclusion. It is need to emphasize if children have open fracture of bones ,the aid need to organize in specific establishments. The first aid should be short until hospital as may as possible .The aims are to stop bleeding temporary by putting bounties ,to prevent secondary injections by aseptic bandages anesthetic .Besides that ,there are very important stages for example:
– Complex of transport tires should be in emergency cars.
– It is need to teach nation to do first aid at urgency situation and to put princely transport immobilization.
The member of medical team must know that where is it close to area of accident? besides that she should know to give first aid.
Name: Xadjimurotova Dilnoza Baxtiyorovna
Date of birth: 15.08.1984
Addres: Tashkent city, Sergili region
Website: dilnoza hadjimuratova@tma .uz
Thesis adviser: Mirrpayziyeva Mutabar Abduganiyevna
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Website: mutabar.mirpayziyeva@tma.uz PhD, “Nursing work” department senior lecturer
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