Whenever feet Nurses Dish appearance: forcing short-short, watches, rings, and other problem takinchoklarni English Twins
The preparation of the necessary equipment
Lake Holon, 3 ml of antiseptic drug, and anointed him, except their faces and fingers going more than 15 seconds over time ishkalash
The palms of both external and internal faces and rub them thoroughly. A lake with plenty of fingers in the second cleaning hard between the fingers into the finger
With the palm of one’s fingers the second metacarpal fingers in tight, well, pointing fingers and forcing rides
A second lake with plenty of finger tight, circular movements wash
A lake with the lake and tried to keep working in the field of washing
Hands, rinse water and sewage following order: Plage between the internal and external surface of the finger, the finger tips of fingers, the wrist is removed to complete the motor industry aniseptik rinse
Tap tap water rinse-off hair lakes drying
Paper closes the hair using water
Paper closes the hair using water

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