1. Rules for conducting patronage
2. Preparing the Family Nurse Patronage Bag
3. Technique for preparing a disinfectant
4. Routine hand cleaning of the FHN
5. Rules for putting on sterile gloves
6. Care of feverish patients in the I and II period
7. Care of feverish patients in the III period
Position of the patient according to Sims
9. Lay the patient in a horizontal position
10. Place the patient in the Fowler position
11. Rules for skin care
12. Rules for the technique of intramuscular injection
13. Rules for the technique of intravenous injection
14. Tactics of a nurse, when detecting infectious diseases in the family
15. Three-minute physical assessment
16.Fifteen Minute Physical Assessment
17. Technique for measuring weight in newborns
18. Rules for feeding a baby

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